Wednesday1 min read

Good day. Went into uni for about 2:00, spent two hours working on my embedded processors assignment. Nearly done now! Woo-hoo!!! Gotta work on my Group Project and stuff, but geting there gradually.

Then was a committee meeting which amazingly only lasted about an hour and a half (usually reach two hours plus). So that was good! Then came Fusion… it was good tonight. We had a really good time studying the Bible — there is just such a lot you can look at it Philippians 4:1-9! It’s just amazing, hopefully people will take it to heart. Philippians 4:6 is probably one of the most inspiring verses, especially with the exams coming up!

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Anyway. Lots coming up in the next few days, busy busy! Watch this space (well, not literally, otherwise that’d just be stupid…)

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