Tired… sleep… fish…1 min read

Ah well. What have I done since sitting in a computer lab this morning? Well, I had lunch in the bar with Matthew. I went to my Java revision lecture (oh fun! Or should that be funge? Hmmm.) Then I came back home. Me and Naomi spent the afternoon together. Last year we made a chillout CD which proved to be quite successful, this year we’re doing the same thing. We basically just picked some tracks for the new CD, it’s looking good 🙂

Then we went back to uni. I had dinner in Sizzlers with Simon, Liz, Becca, Naomi and towards the end a few more people came as well (who’d just got back from Spring Harvest). Andy B spoke at CU tonight, and it was a very good talk! Although everyone seemed a little bit lethargic because it had been a very hot day and some people had been travelling etc. Still, good message! We need to be serious Christians and go out there and live the life!

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Then I came back home, got a lift with Simon, stopped off at Tesco on the way home. Ah, I am very tired, I might go to bed soon! I didn’t feel too bad on getting up this morning, but I didn’t have a good night’s sleep last night (think I was a bit excited about being back and stuff).

Well. I’m off now! Bye…

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