This morning and stuff and more stuff and I say …

Woo-hoo! I don’t really know why. I just felt a bit random this morning. Came onto campus for my lecture at 12:00 (Embedded Processors). It’s very scary — I only have a week left before my first exam (next Tuesday)! Oh well. I feel a bit more ready for exams than I did anyway.

Haven’t done much else really. I should do some revision, but… I’m going to have chaplaincy lunch and then go into town. Fun fun fun!

Do you want to learn the Bible and the Christian faith online? Check out my new resource:

I found an interesting site today: Matrix Essays (blog) basically does exactly what it says on the title. Essays about the film “The Matrix.” Interesting stuff… especially this one, which is about The Matrix and Religion — although of course it isn’t exactly a new topic.

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