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Well, the second half of it anyway. Yesterday I went to Church in the morning. Then I came back, had lunch, prepared my Fusion group, and chatted to AndyB on the phone for a while. Then Philippa came round, and we watched “Monty Python’s Meaning of Life.” Then Alex got back (he’d gone home for the weekend) and we ordered a pizza and watched “Zoolander.” Not realyl an exciting day, but still…

Today, I came in for chaplaincy lunch at 1:00. Then I went to my Computer Vision lecture at 2:00 (fantastically exciting stuff), then I wasted time for 45 minutes, then came down to a computer lab to do some work and have spent the remainder of the time trying to avoid doing any.

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I’m going round to Philippa’s this evening for a little while, then I’ll go to Tesco and go back to ours for our “lad’s night.” We’ll be watching “Die Hard with a vengeance” — the well-known classic which I love for its beautifully intricate and complicated philosophical exploration of our primitive instincts: blow them all up with a huge freakin’ gun.

Have fun…

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