Not a particularly successfully evening

At least, not in terms of working on my new site. I spent the whole time trying to get the database to work (for the counter) like it did in ASP… no luck. And I don’t really know why either, it works fine on my computer! I know that the servers have an older version of PHP than I have, but still… I should have thought it would work! Ah well.

Still, I might be able to turn my computer into a linux box soon and run a MySQL server on it because … I’ve ordered a new computer! I decided it was a good time to order it now (i.e., while the sales are still on, but only for another couple of days). That should be arriving next week 🙂 I’m quite looking forward to it… it will mark the first time in history I’ve had a new computer! Previously they’ve all been second-hand, and then upgraded. It’s all good (apart from when it’s not. But that doesn’t count.)

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