The Weekend

As I’ve already told you what I was going to do this weekend, just a quick update today!

On Friday we drove down to Kent to stay with Philippa’s parents for the weekend. It was a fairly trouble-free journey! On Saturday, while Philippa was out, I cleaned the car. Phil’s Dad gave me a hand, which was very kind of him – in fact, it was his suggestion, as the problem with parking in a car park is that it’s a bit difficult to clean your car there… vacuuming is right out of the question!

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Aaaanyway. In the evening we went out to the pub, which was good 🙂 On Sunday morning we went to St Nick’s (the church we got married in – the first time we’d been back there!). It was nice, as we managed to see the minister who did the ceremony and have a chat to him.

In the afternoon we headed back home, and had the evening in! We watched “American Dreamz”, which was actually a really good film. Neither of us knew exactly what to expect, but Alex had told us that it was good… we both really enjoyed it anyway. Quite thought-provoking in some ways. It was a cross between political satire, a comedy, and a drama… sort of. Well worth watching though – recommended!

That’s all for now…

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