I do like Firefox, but…1 min read

… there is one thing which annoys me about it. When a page loads, there is a point after the request has been made and before the page has rendered where it completely locks up. Well, not completely – if I’m on another tab I can usually continue doing stuff. But I can’t switch tabs until the page has loaded, etc.

This isn’t really a problem when pages load up quickly – this is only a problem when (like today) the good ol’ interweb seems to be taking its sweet time.

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I don’t mind waiting, but please – at least don’t freeze up while loading!

2 thoughts on “I do like Firefox, but…

  1. I’ve been using firefox for a while now and I don’t have that problem. FF is a rather big program?? Sure you just don’t have enough memory to use it???

  2. I have 1GB of RAM, I hope that would be enough to run Firefox! It’s not a freeze like Windows would freeze, it’s just a momentary thing just before the page loads. You probably wouldn’t notice it unless the net was running quite slowly.

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