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I got another email today from the same guy I mentioned in a previous post. This time, however, the email is coming from a GMail address… he might have read my blog post and decided that displaying the actual website he’s trying to advertise is not a good idea?

Anyway, this is the email that I received, in full, if you get an email like it than be warned – it is probably Search Engine Optimisation (probably just internet spam in order to boost Google advertising revenue or something).

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From: charles.leich@gmail.com
Subject: Interested in Purchasing Textlink Advertising

Hi ,
I am interested in purchasing textlink advertising on your website phillsacre.me.uk . Let me know if interested and we can discuss further details. I can make a good offer to make it worth your time.

Let me know!

Charles Leich

From what I know of SEO, ‘Leich’ is probably quite a good name!

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