6:00… it’s over!

Well, it’s now over. I’m not actually particularly tired or anything… I think that’s probably because I’m over-tired! I’m now going to go home and have a nice sleep – assuming that I can sleep, of course! There’s no guarantees about it. It was quite nice after five, we went Continue Reading


This is the last update before we actually start the prayer session we’ve been hanging about for for the past few hours! I’m still feeling pretty awake. We (me, Alex, Philippa, Chris T) went for a bit of a walk round the lake and then me and Philippa went up Continue Reading

It’s 02:39

How’s it going? Well, I had a bit of a lie down between about 1:00 and 2:00… I felt pretty tired, but now I feel wide awake! I think I must be operating on adrenaline or caffeine or something. I went to the drinks and chocolate machines with Philippa and Continue Reading

It’s 00:32

I’m starting to feel the strain. We’ve watched three or four episodes of ‘Family Guy’ already. I’m getting a bit tired, but I’m on my second strong espressochoc of the night. I’m beginning to feel the effects a little bit. Me, Alex and Philippa just went up to the coffee Continue Reading