Occasionally I create things. Sermons, articles, etc. Most of these I publish on my blog. However, the fact that I have created this stuff doesn’t mean that it’s any good, but I do occasionally feel like drawing attention to something I’ve spent a bit more effort on.


I don’t usually upload sermons because (a) I don’t write them out these days; (b) I think sermons don’t always translate well from a specific church context to a general context. However, I have uploaded a few in the past – you can find all of them under the sermons tag.


I occasionally write things, such as articles and rants etc. Most of these are posted on my blog nowadays, although I have written more ‘formal’ articles for sites such as Crossring on occasion.

Unfortunately these articles are now offline – however most of my online content goes on the blog now. Please do use the search function (or contact me) if you are looking for something specific.

DJ Sets

You can find an archive of my DJ Sets on my MixCloud page. I don’t do much DJing these days, but I leave these up here as an archive if you’re interested and like that kind of thing!


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