Note: Many of my sermons are now available on the church website, so I suggest you look there for the more recent ones. Many of my midweek sermons also get translated to Understand the Bible, so I suggest you check that out as well.

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Bible Book
ProverbsProverbs 16:1-92019-06-23God's Wisdom for UsSt John's 10:30am (Joint Service)Listen
PhilippiansPhilippians 1:1-112019-06-12He who began a good work in youWednesday WorshippersListen
GenesisGenesis 32019-06-02What it means to be fallen peopleSt Mark's 10:30amListen
MatthewMatthew 1:18-252019-05-15How is God near?Wednesday WorshippersListen
MatthewMatthew 1:1-172019-05-08Genealogies are (not) boring!Wednesday WorshippersListen
GenesisGenesis 1:1-252019-05-05What it means to be part of creationSt Mark's 10:30amListen
JohnJohn 21:1-142019-04-24The miraculous catch of fishWednesday WorshippersListen
RevelationRevelation 14:6-132019-04-17What is Sin: The punishment of sinWednesday WorshippersListen
RomansRomans 1:18-322019-04-10What is Sin: Idolatry (2)Wednesday WorshippersListen
JeremiahJeremiah 2:9-192019-03-27What is Sin: Idolatry (1)Wednesday WorshippersListen
PsalmsPsalm 142019-03-20What is Sin: Sin affects everyoneWednesday WorshippersListen
GenesisGenesis 32019-03-13What is sin and what does it do?Wednesday WorshippersListen
MarkMark 8:14-302019-03-10Seeing Jesus ClearlySt Mark's 10:30amListen
EphesiansEphesians 6:19-242019-02-10Putting grace into practiceSt Mark's 10:30amListen
JudgesJudges 42019-01-30DeborahWednesday WorshippersListen
JudgesJudges 3:7-312019-01-23Othniel and EhudWednesday WorshippersListen
LukeLuke 1:5-252018-12-16Waiting for the Saviour - preparing people's heartsSt John's 9amListen
2 Peter2 Peter 32018-12-12What kind of people ought we to be?Wednesday WorshippersListen
EphesiansEphesians 4:17-322018-12-02Put off... put on...St Mark's 10:30amListen
2 Peter2 Peter 2:1-222018-11-28Beware false teachersWednesday WorshippersListen
2 Peter2 Peter 1:1-112018-11-14Make every effort to confirm your electionWednesday WorshippersListen
ProverbsProverbs 31:10-312018-10-31The Life of WisdomWednesday WorshippersListen
EphesiansEphesians 2:1-102018-10-28Once dead, now aliveSt Mark's 10:30amListen
ProverbsProverbs2018-10-24Proverbs: Wealth and PovertyWednesday WorshippersListen
ProverbsProverbs2018-10-10Proverbs: GuidanceWednesday WorshippersListen
ProverbsProverbs 22018-09-26The Lord Gives WisdomWednesday WorshippersListen
PsalmsPsalm 1042018-09-23A Psalm of God's CreationSt Mark's 10:30amListen
ProverbsProverbs 1:8-332018-09-19Wisdom cries aloud in the streetWednesday WorshippersListen
ProverbsProverbs 1:1-72018-09-12The Beginning of WisdomWednesday WorshippersListen
LukeLuke 18:1-82018-08-12When prayer seems unansweredSt Mark's 10:30amListen
3 John3 John2018-07-18Show hospitality to brothers in ChristWednesday WorshippersListen
MarkMark 8:27-382018-07-15Spiritual Growth is... Through the CrossSt Mark's 10:30amListen
2 John2 John2018-07-11Do not welcome false teachersWednesday WorshippersListen
1 Corinthians1 Cor 10:14-22
1 Cor 11:17-34
2018-07-08Spiritual Growth is... Through the Lord's SupperSt Mark's 10:30amListen
JonahJonah 42018-06-27Should I not have concern for the great city of Nineveh?Wednesday WorshippersListen
GalatiansGalatians 6:13-262018-06-24Spiritual Growth is... Through the SpiritSt John's 10:30am (Joint Service)Listen
JonahJonah 32018-06-20Jonah goes to NinevehWednesday WorshippersListen
JonahJonah 22018-06-13In my distress I called to the LordWednesday WorshippersListen
1 Peter1 Peter 1:13-2:32018-06-03Spiritual Growth is... Not OptionalSt Mark's 10:30amListen
JonahJonah 12018-05-30Not just a children's storyWednesday WorshippersListen
1 Peter1 Peter 1:1-122018-05-27Trinity Sunday - God is BiggerSt Mark's 10:30amListen
LukeLuke 18:18-302018-05-23A self-made man?Wednesday WorshippersListen
LukeLuke 18:1-82018-05-09Persisting in prayerWednesday WorshippersListen
NehemiahNehemiah 132018-04-29How to stand firm in a secular worldSt Mark's 10:30amListen
LukeLuke 17:20-372018-04-25The Kingdom of GodWednesday WorshippersListen