Hi. If you’re reading this page you’re probably wanting to find out a bit more about who I am and where I’m coming from. I hope this page will give you the information that you need. In fact, because I like to over-share (this is the Internet, after all) probably more than you need.

Personal Info

Work: I run Understand the Bible, write / podcast on Substack, and as of Spring 2023 have started a house church.

Personal: I have been married since 2006 to Philippa (or Phil for short. Yes, we do have the same name). We now have two beautiful daughters – they keep us busy but it is all worthwhile.

Hobbies: I enjoy music in a variety of forms depending on my mood – I love listening to it as I’m out and about. I also enjoy trying to create music (piano / guitar / drums) – I’m not very good at any of them but I enjoy it, and as long as I have a reasonably sound-proof room everybody’s happy…

I enjoy taking photos, although I haven’t had much of a chance to do much photography since my daughters have been around. I used to maintain an Instagram account, which I gave up with in the end as it felt like I was just taking pictures to go on Instagram rather than taking a photo of something I like.

I also like… films (mainly silly comedy films such as ‘This is Spinal Tap’, ‘Dogma’, ‘Airplane’ etc) and TV (e.g. ‘Spaced’, ‘Green Wing’, ‘Black Books’ etc), books (Christian books, as you can imagine, but also books by Max Barry, Scott Adams, Douglas Adams etc), and … that’s more info than you could possibly want to know about me.


Everything written on this blog, or posted on my YouTube channel, is entirely my own opinion and not representative of anyone other than myself.

I appreciate I often talk about subjects which are somewhat contentious in society. I do not wish any blog post or podcast to come across as being the last word on the subject, I appreciate I am not always right. Therefore, I welcome (polite) disagreement either here on my blog or in YouTube comments, or privately by email.