This evening

Was good! We had a going-away party for Megan 🙂 She has been over since Christmas time I believe, and she’s going back to America on Monday. She will be missed, but it was a good party and I think she really appreciated it! I was one of the first Continue Reading


The radio show was good! Apart from the small technical hitch that Andy found out he’d accidentally left a switch unswitched which meant that my show didn’t get broadcast and neither did the first half of the CU mix… Oh well. Still, I enjoyed doing my show which is the Continue Reading

Last night and stuff

Last night I went to Cheesy Tunes followed by Mondo/Spin. It was actually a pretty good night, not because of musical content per se but just because I felt like dancing 🙂 I spent most of Spin dancing with Caz, who is “DJ Joe”‘s girlfriend. She’s a friend of Naomi. Continue Reading