I am officially an idiot. OpenHosting were changing their servers, but I didn’t actually realise that this meant I had to change the FTP server as well. All this time my blog has just been updating the old server! Ah well. I can’t be bothered to write anything about today… Continue Reading

Ah, I see

I have a feeling the problems could be due to the fact that my hosts, OpenHosting, are changing servers at the moment and haven’t yet moved their DNS server. This means that mooseofming.co.uk still links to the old site, which of course hasn’t actually changed. Not much I can do Continue Reading

Still troubles

Well until this trouble with the cache gets sorted out, there’s not really much I can do! And there’s not really any me point posting, because you won’t be reading this. Still. Just to update you quickly, I went to Phil B’s baptism this morning in Norwich. It was really Continue Reading