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  • What’s wrong with Experts?

    What’s wrong with Experts?

    An epiphany I had the other day about the problem with experts, with reference to a book by David Bentley Hart. Links The book is called “Atheist Delusions”, which I reviewed a few years ago (with extensive quotes) on this blog. You might also enjoy Jamie Franklin’s post about experts and modern medicine.

  • Review: The Story of Christianity

    I’ve just finished reading “The Story of Christianity” by David Bentley Hart. He is, as you may recall, the author of “Atheist Delusions” – a book I highly recommend. Anyway, I came across the book recently, and as I’d enjoyed Atheist Delusions – and as the Kindle edition was 56p on Amazon (still is, at…

  • Atheist Delusions: The Review

    Recently I mentioned that I was reading through “Atheist Delusions” by David Bentley Hart, and I said I would write up a review of it when I’d finished reading it. Well, I’ve finished reading it now, and really enjoyed it. Quite a lot of the book deals with the same kind of things I’ve been…