Right-hand side menu!

Well, the menubar on the right hand side is now pretty much working… I think that’s just about everything with the blog, for now! There are some little things (for example, the ‘recent updates’ won’t update itself unless you view the main page), but I don’t think it’s really a Continue Reading

The weekend, and blogs

Firstly, just a quick note about the blog: the blog system itself is virtually finished 🙂 There are still some features that I’d like to add (for example, templates which aren’t coded in PHP), and perhaps some form of administration system (just something to collect all the little bits and Continue Reading

Oracle CM SDK…

… takes a long time to install! I’ve been setting up an ‘Oracle CM SDK Domain’ for a while now… I think everything Oracle takes a long time, especially when you’re running on an old Pentium III Xeon (550 MHz). And after this post, things will start becoming archived… Incidentally, Continue Reading

Adding Another Blog Entry…

I’m just adding another blog entry to test the archive functionality. Incidentally, I’ll have to code ‘recent updates’ and ‘archives’ on the right hand side… make them actually work! I don’t know whether I’ll leave these initial posts up here when I actually transfer the blog across… not that it Continue Reading