Oracle CM SDK…

… takes a long time to install! I’ve been setting up an ‘Oracle CM SDK Domain’ for a while now… I think everything Oracle takes a long time, especially when you’re running on an old Pentium III Xeon (550 MHz).

And after this post, things will start becoming archived…

Incidentally, if you want a blog system that’s written in PHP, drop me a line. If I get enough interest, I’ll add some more features 🙂 At the moment it’s fairly basic, but I prefer it to blogger (because at least on your own server you’re not going to have 99% downtime like Blogger seem to have. Ok, that’s probably a bit unfair, but I just prefer to run things on my own server with my own code… and also I prefer the XML way to their template way, which is very inefficient! – This way, you can change the templates without having to republish the entire site. Handy. Although it requires PHP, a lot of websites have that these days. Anyway…)


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