More Revision and, erm, Tuesday

So. This weekend hasn’t been too busy – we spent most of the time revising for our Moore Course exam (which is coming up THIS SATURDAY! Scary stuff!)

On Friday evening we went to 21, which will be the last time we do it this term. This week we are going to see Mark Watson at Colchester Arts Centre, which we are quite looking forward to! We really enjoyed “Mark Watson makes the world substantially better” when it was on Radio 4 a while ago, so I just hope he’s as good live doing stand-up.

On Saturday we did some shopping and revision, and then in the evening headed round to Anne-Marie’s. We watched a film called “Tuesday“, starring Phil Glenister and John Simm (amongst others). It was a very clever film – the plot deals with a bank robbery, seen from the perspective of various different people (who all just happen to be robbing the same bank, which isn’t giving too much away). It’s definitely worth watching, especially if you’re a fan of rather understated comedies.

We also watched an episode of “Life of Mars” (Phil and I hadn’t really seen much of it the first time round), which looks like it deserves all the critical acclaim it got.

On Sunday we went to church in the morning as per usual, and then went home to do (you guessed it!) more revision.

In the evening we went to the Sunday @ 6 prayer meeting, followed by the last of the “Visual Bible Journeys” presentations. We found the whole series very helpful – if you do get the chance to see Geoff Tucker doing one, take it. There’s just so much more to the Bible accounts when you understand a bit of the history and context. One small example, Jonah: everyone knows God asks him to go to Nineveh. What I didn’t realise was that Nineveh – standing as it was in the Assyrian empire – was to Jonah as (say) Berlin would be to an Englishman in the middle of WWII. In short, somewhere you really wouldn’t want to go.

Anyway, afterwards we came back home and watched another episode of “The No. 1 Ladies’ Detective Agency”. Good stuff, as usual!

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