Two rants for the price of one!

Well, just when you wait for ages for a rant to come along, two come along at once! Although actually, with me you never have to wait that long for a rant to come along.

The first was was inspired by a business card I found left on our doormat this afternoon. It was from William H Brown – the estate agents. It’s just a normal business card, with the exception of “please call me” being written in pen on the card. But wait! – it’s not written in pen, it’s actually printed on the card, and made to look like pen!

And this is what annoys me. It’s designed to look like it’s written in pen (it does look very much like it), making it seem more personal, thus making people more likely to call. I don’t know, it just struck me as being… well, a bit fraudulent. Trying to get people to call you by pretending that you’re writing them a personal message. I know I’m making a bit of a mountain out of a molehill, but still, if they really do want me to call them perhaps a brief message with what they want would be better.

The second thing that annoyed me is the proms – specifically, the piece I’ve just heard: “Traces” by Rebecca Saunders. It was a classical piece, as in – it used the orchestra. But it didn’t have a discernable tune. It was reminiscent of the random mid-20th century classical music – just random bits and pieces, nothing discernible.

It was undoubtedly very clever, but the problem is I think these kind of pieces are purely for music critics who like to pat themselves on the back and say how clever it is. It’s not for people who actually, you know, just like music and don’t want to analyse something. I just can’t be doing with this kind of “artsy” rubbish… currently they’re playing Chopin’s 2nd Piano Concerto, which is much better! Much more beautiful.

Ah well, not so much of a rant tonight, but still!

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