Catching up with the times…1 min read

As I posted up on my Twitter account recently, we’ve been having a few internet problems. Basically I noticed that our Eclipse broadband account was a bit out of date. They’ve restructured their pricing but we were still on the old price, so we were actually paying over the odds for our broadband! Anyway, I regraded the account so we’re on the cheaper plan. Unfortunately that seems to have knocked out our ADSL for the time being.

I’m currently sitting here writing this on Phil’s laptop using the 3G connection from my new phone. It’s pretty nifty, I have to say. The connection is good enough (for the most part) to listen to Spotify and do a bit of web browsing as well.

To think that I’m getting a faster connection than I was ten years ago via dialup is actually pretty cool. The me of ten years ago would be pretty jealous of the me today, I think! I know that 3G has been around for a fair amount of time now, but I’ve never actually used it before (well, not like this). Ok, so I’ve caught up with what the state of the art was five years ago, you can’t have it all :p

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