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The photo today was taken before church. Unfortunately the sky was grey which isn’t particularly great for photos. I think this kind of works as a photo in sepia though, it seems to enhance the loneliness and desolation of the photo. (Isolation? Desolation? It’s really not that bad! But still.)

Anyway, hope you enjoy. I’ll try and post up a more positive photo tomorrow!

This might be as good a time as any to do another quick weekend update. On Friday night, we had 21 as per usual. Then yesterday, after the preacher’s day we (as in Phil and I) went round to Chelmsford for Rich’s housewarming party. It was really good, nice to catch up with him and see a few other people we hadn’t seen in a while (plus meet a few new ones!)

Today we had church in the morning, and then afterwards Alex popped round for a cup of tea which was really nice. Then we went round to our home group leader’s house for afternoon tea with some other members of our home group – it was a lovely afternoon! Just chatting and having a good time, very relaxing.

Then we went to Sunday@6. And that’s pretty much it! I think now we’re going to finish off watching “The Matrix Dezionized”, which I might have mentioned before. (I definitely have on Twitter…) I’ll let you know how that goes. All for now.

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