Wild Flowers1 min read

A quick post today in between getting back from work, having dinner and then going out to youth club! Today’s picture is of some wild flowers on the scrubland near where I work.

I also took one which had quite a forbidding sky, I think it might work well in black and white, but I don’t have time to edit it now so I’ll do that later! The clocks are due to go back a week on Sunday so I’m hoping that with that I will be able to take a few more night shots (I’ve been inspired by some of the pictures that Alex took in Colchester last week, plus it’s generally been something I’ve wanted to do for a while!)

One thought on “Wild Flowers1 min read

  1. Night shots are funny ones – never quite expect them to come out the way they do – and I have a large number of duds… Then again I suppose you have to take a lot of Duds to get a gem… 😉

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