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Just a quick Project 365 update: I’ve now caught up and have uploaded my photos to my Flickr Stream.

As you have probably noticed, I’m no longer posting up a blog entry each day with a quick summary of the photo. This is because, well, I thought it was a bit pointless duplicating everything from Flickr. However, if you would like to subscribe to my Project 365 photo feed, you may do so with this link.

The only problem with this is that my Flickr uploads won’t get posted out to Twitter. Some might say that’s a blessing 😉 But I might see if there’s something I can do to get Twitter updated as well.

Oh, and I’m now on day 76: I’ve got less than 300 days remaining! RESULT!!!

Update: After all that, I’ve just found that Flickr can create a blog entry for me. I guessed this must be possible, I just didn’t realise it was so easy! No more updating Flickr and my blog simultaneously. Now I just need to find a way of getting WordPress and / or Flickr to add the correct tags and category… hmm…

3 thoughts on “Project 365 Update1 min read

  1. I noticed it did Twitter – that’s why I was looking! But it seems it also does WordPress. Haven’t really had the time to look before now but in the end it was a simple process!

    289 days to go, I wonder what will happen by the end of it? still enjoying it though, it’s a pain sometimes but I think I’ve come out with some good photos and I’m improving!

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