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Time for a quick weekend update. Bit of a mixed weekend, this one, actually. On Friday night we went out to 21 for the Christmas Party (our last meeting this year). It was really good fun, I think all the kids enjoyed it 🙂 Although I think we might have to think logistically about what we do with the chocolate fountain next year…

Backtracking a little – on Thursday night we were meant to go out to the prayer meeting, but we were unfortunately prevented from going by the car not starting. Anyway, I had our mechanic round on Friday to look at the car, and he couldn’t find anything wrong with it! We drove out to Fordham with no problems. Unfortunately, the way back wasn’t so simple. We tried to start the car… and nothing happened. As in, the car turned over, but wouldn’t fire. We called out the AA, they took 15 minutes to arrive, and the guy asked us to pop the bonnet up and try to start the car. It started first time. Doh! So we drove back home.

On Saturday we did a bit of shopping and various other bits and pieces. I finished off my ‘priesthood project’. In the evening we chilled out, wrapped a few presents and watched ‘Airplane’ in honour of Leslie Nielsen who died recently.

On Sunday we went to church in the morning – unfortunately due to problems with the car not starting, we had to get a taxi! Doh! Still, we got there, and then stayed on for the student lunch afterwards. After that … we stayed around! We couldn’t go home as we didn’t have transport, and even if we did there wouldn’t have been much point going home given that we had to be back for the Sunday@6 music practice. Anyway, we stayed on for Sunday@6 – and then got a taxi back home.

So, that was our weekend! I was working from home again today – but the mechanic has taken another look at the car, it appears to be the crankshaft position sensor (which apparently do go in Saab 9-3s), the part is on order and should be in tomorrow. So that’s good news anyway! Tonight I’m going to meet the bishop of Colchester, which will be interesting. I will report back on that soon…

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