Day 213: Speedy Yellow Flower1 min read

Day 213: Speedy Yellow Flower

Originally uploaded by phillsacre

Daily Shoot assignment: “Make a photograph of something in motion. Use blur to help convey the motion you are capturing.”

Well, the flower in this picture is stationary, but the camera lens is moving. I think it gives quite a trippy effect – I can’t look at the photo for too long without giving me a headache (remind me why I’m uploading this again… just kidding).

DISCLAIMER: I take no responsibility for any headaches you may suffer while looking at this picture :p

3 thoughts on “Day 213: Speedy Yellow Flower

  1. Yep – was gonna mention you Alex but forgot that! I think it looks kind of cool, even if it gives you vertigo just looking at it. Won’t do many of those!

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