Project 365 Intermission1 min read

In case anyone follows this blog for my photos (hey, it’s not that surprising, given that it’s all I post about these days): there will be an intermission during which I will not be posting up photos. The reason for this is that, well, see my previous post.

I’ll be taking photos though – even if they’re not of the high quality you would normally expect from me (*cough cough* yeah right *cough cough*)

I took a few photos today of Ely Cathedral, unfortunately it wasn’t a sunny day so they were a bit drab. Maybe tomorrow it will be sunny, in which case I will pop out and take a few pictures (we’re only a few minutes down the road from the cathedral so I can do that without too much trouble).

Aaaaanyway. Everyone else here has gone to bed (lightweights!) so I think that means it’s also time for me to hit the sack. Until next time…

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