The Week of Waiting1 min read

Thought it was about another time for a weekend style update, given that we’ve just had a weekend (I know! Coincidence or what!)

Obviously last week was my BAP, which I won’t really go into in much detail. It seemed to go pretty well, although I won’t know the results until (hopefully) this week. I got back home on Wednesday and was pretty shattered for the rest of the week!

We did help out at 21 on Friday night, and then on Saturday caught up with a bit of shopping and the like. In the evening Anne-Marie and Sarah came round, and we watched ‘Twenty Twelve’ (very funny comedy on BBC4 with lots of famous comedy people) and chatted for the evening.

On Sunday we went to church in the morning, and then went round to my parents’ for lunch. We had a nice afternoon there, and then came back for the evening service. So that’s pretty much caught up with the weekend! It’s getting late so I think I’ll leave it there for now 🙂

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