Weekend happenings

Well, this week was a bit more busy, but in a really nice way.

On Friday evening we had 21, and then afterwards Alex came round to stay for a couple of nights (he had a party near Ipswich to go to).

Anyway, on Saturday morning we did a bit of shopping and general sorting out of stuff. In the afternoon, Laura came round and we had dinner, then watched lots of various comedy things (as well as the Doctor Who episode ‘Blink’). It was a really nice evening!

Then, on Sunday we went to church in the morning, then had some lunch with Alex, and then went to Sunday@6 in the evening. So not a very exciting day but quite relaxing!

Not much else to say at the moment. We started the Moore Course last week, we’re doing Ephesians this year. I keep seeing Ephesians everywhere – at the prayer meeting last week, on someone’s blog! Strange. As well as reading through the course notes, I’ve also bought a couple of commentaries on Ephesians and will be reading through them as well.


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