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Just wanted to say that all the website admin stuff I mentioned in my previous post is now complete. In case you’re curious about what I’ve done, here’s a quick post with an explanation. Maybe it will help someone who was in a similar situation to me (i.e., paying for hosting you don’t need).

Previously I’ve hosted my site on a hosting package provided by Prime Hosting. This was costing me about £60 per year (I don’t think the same package is available now, I originally set it up in about 2005 and haven’t updated it since). I was also paying about £12 every two years for the domain name.

I’ve been questioning whether this is entirely necessary of late – I think I even blogged about this but can’t find it where… the problem is, what is the point of paying around £60 per year for hosting what is basically a blog when you can get a free blog on I couldn’t really answer that question satisfactorily – in the past I’d used my site to host things such as DJ mixes, but these days there are loads of free services which can do stuff like that and there are also what seem like hundreds of free blogging services. In other words, I was paying out for stuff I didn’t really need.

So, the key question is, what have I done, and how much am I now paying? Well, I’ve done a few things:

  • Transferred the domain name over to, who are usually fairly good at domain name pricing. But the main thing is, with 123-reg you get flexibility – I now own the domain separately to the hosting, so I can choose to do as I like with it.
  • I’ve set up a new blog with WordPress (free account) – I was using WordPress before, so it was dead easy to export and then import my site over. Hence, I transferred about eight years worth of blog posts to this site without much effort!
  • I’ve bought an addon for my WordPress account which lets you use your own domain name – this is costing around £8 per year (USD 12).
  • Finally, to be able to handle e-mail I’ve created an account with Google Apps (free for personal use), which means I get the benefits of GMail with my e-mail address.
Pretty nifty, huh? So there you go, that’s how I moved from traditional web-hosting to “the cloud”, or whatever you call it 😉

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