Why we should care about ‘conspiracies’ – Podcast 121


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    Adam and Martine

    Spot on as usual Phil with a number of great angles all of which are true. Several more episodes within an episode here! We were literally talking about the Matrix clip you showed and similar issues you raised here as we walked along the seafront planning John 8 and dwelling on where Jesus says in verse 43 if we remember correctly, why don’t you understand? It is because you cannot bear to hear my word…in the context of trying to wake people because we feel like we are banging our heads against brick walls at times. Why don’t people want to hear the truth? Why do they reject it? Why doesn’t being a good friend, committed Christian, loving neighbour etc hold any weight as we try to show evidence, using biblical categories and static is so and scientific facts peer reviewed studies and books persuade? Much like trying to share the gospel…so frustrated with the lack of fruit. All we can do is pray for hearts to change as the Holy Spirit comes🙏🏾and scales to be dropped from eyes so that people can see and hear the truth…primarily Jesus who is the way the truth and the life but then the truth in the world around them. Ignorance is NOT bliss and some choose it for plausible deniability as well craftily don’t they?
    Thanks for helping to keep us sane. So good to be running the race with you.
    God bless from us both.xxx

    1. Thanks so much A+M for the encouragement. I’ve just checked, yes John 8:43, really helpful verse. Another verse I’ve thought a lot about over the last few years is John 18:37 “anyone on the side of truth listens to me”.

      I do think there is a spiritual battle going on with this. I do fear for people, especially Christians, who *will not* listen. I think it demonstrates that people are more afraid of being labelled “conspiracy theorists” than they fear God. It’s not a good place for the church to be, and it does I think help to explain why things were so bad during lockdown.

      Thanks as always, and I appreciate others feeling the same way – it does help with thinking that you’re not going insane! It’s the world that’s insane right now. God bless, Phill x

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