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  • The Great Evangelical Disaster – Podcast #32

    The Great Evangelical Disaster – Podcast #32

    A shorter podcast today, looking at lessons from Francis Schaeffer’s book “The Great Evangelical Disaster”. We also continue reading through the book of Romans, this time on chapter 1v8-17. Links Mental health referrals for children article

  • Will Lockdown be the end of “experts”?

    Will Lockdown be the end of “experts”?

    A few years ago Michael Gove made his infamous statement: “people in this country have had enough of experts”. At the time I think I found it vaguely amusing – at the time, there were a lot of experts who had been weighing in about the EU. But over the last few months it’s come…

  • Schaeffer on 2021

    Schaeffer on 2021

    “How could a book written 50 years ago so accurately make sense of what’s happening today?” Those were my thoughts as I read Francis Schaeffer’s book The Church at the End of the Twentieth Century. I’ve mentioned Francis Schaeffer a few times lately – I’ve discovered his writings over the last couple of years, and…