All Decked Out

Pioneer CDJ-200 On Tuesday, I ordered two Pioneer CDJ-200 DJ decks. I decided that, as I’d been invited to DJ at a few weddings recently, having my own pair of CD decks would be very useful. (At some point I will need to get a PA rig as well).

Anyway, they arrived yesterday, so I gave them a try out. It’s great fun! DJing with CDs is a bit different to DJing with vinyl, and I still hadn’t quite got used to it by the end, but I’m definitely getting there. The tempo slider has a good degree of accurace (0.02%) – obviously not as good as my old analog Technics but probably not enough to make a huge difference.

It was quite strange actually, yesterday – when I was doing my A-Levels I bought a whole load of trance and dance CD singles which I hoped to one day DJ with. Then I went away to university and started buying vinyl and that’s what I cut my DJing teeth on. But yesterday I got all my old CDs out, and it was a bit weird – DJing using CDs I’d bought ages ago before I’d actually started DJing! It made me feel all nostalgic actually. I do miss DJing but at least I’ve got the piano / guitar to play with, which gives me a musical creative outlet. (Not that I’m very creative…)

Still, now that I’ve got the CD decks I will hopefully be able to do a bit more DJing and perhaps get back into it! One of the ‘problems’ with vinyl is that it’s so expensive – these days you can download MP3s of tunes you want and burn them to CD (the CDJ200s even play MP3s!), which makes the whole experience much cheaper.

Anyway, I’ll stop rambling on now!

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