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Those of you with excellent memories will remember that I DJ’d at Ian and Lucy’s wedding in May. It wasn’t a long set, but a couple of the people there are getting married this year and have got in touch asking me if I would like to DJ at their wedding. The only drawback with asking me is that I don’t have my own PA system (given that I’m not really a mobile DJ).

Anyway, apparently one of their friends is a sound engineer and can provide a PA, so it looks like I will be able to DJ there after all. I will also probably get a few bits of new equipment – CDs and MP3s are all the rage these days (vinyl seems to be on the way out, unfortunately) so I think I will try and get some CD decks – I’ll post up when I have some more info about that.

I actually have been flirting with the idea of getting more of my own equipment and advertising myself as a wedding DJ, still not sure whether that would be a good idea or not though. Still, you do see so many … well, crap wedding DJs – I’m sure I would do a better job than some of them (trust me, it wouldn’t be hard – one friend of ours saw a wedding DJ basically put on a playlist and then spend half the time stuffing his face at the BBQ there)! At the same time, if you have to play the same old cheesy stuff week in week out I’m sure you would get bored of it, hence why some wedding DJs seem rubbish – they’ve just got bored of the same old crap which people actually like and want to try something different which people don’t like!

Ah well, decisions decisions…


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  1. Even the DJs at the Ministry of Sound had to start somewhere! 😉

  2. lol – it’s true! Completely different kettle of fish, though. And given what’s been on the Ministry of Sound CDs recently (no, I haven’t bought any, I just look at the track lists occasionally) to be honest the MoS DJs probably would be better DJing at weddings, the amount of cheesy crap that’s on them 😉

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