Boring Street View

You just can’t believe some people. A couple “The Borings” (yes, that is their surname, rather unfortunately) are trying to sue Google for invading their privacy. They claim that Google Street View drove up their private drive and took pictures – which is an invasion of privacy.

This is slightly old news (they had their case rejected by the judge and they are just trying to get it reinstated), but still. The stupidity of it is simply mind-boggling. “We don’t want Google invading our privacy. Thus, instead of simply asking them to remove the pictures we are going to bring a lawsuit against them, which is sure to bring the entire world’s attention onto us…”

The funny thing is about all this, if you look at the picture which Google actually took (see here) – I can’t really see what they’re moaning about.

I’m all for privacy, but surely if someone can actually walk up the drive and look at their house without trespassing, nothing wrong has been done? Ah well, I just hope that common sense does indeed prevail in this case!


2 responses to “Boring Street View”

  1. Well their house lives up to their name…

  2. But how many garages do they have?! Looks like about five… bizarre.

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