What did the Greeks know about tragedy?!

They should have just tried being me for five minutes 🙁

Ok, so that’s a huge exaggeration. But I’ve not had a good time of it recently with the car, i.e. getting it repaired. The story so far: in late February, someone reversed into the side of my car while it was parked. This buckled and dented the door. I rang up and made an insurance claim.

On Monday, the car (finally, after more than five weeks) went to Colchester Accident Repairs. They initially said that it would take three days to repair the car, I rang them up today and they said they were working on it and it would likely be Monday or Tuesday. Ok, well, that’s inconvenient but I guess I can live with the hire car for another few days.

The hire car, by the way, was delivered to me at the garage on Monday morning. They rang me up this morning and said that they were going to be needing it back. WHAT?!!! Apparently someone made an administrative error and he had down that I was due to finish with the car on 30th March, not that I was due to pick it up then! Why they ring me up three days afterwards with this I don’t know, but still. I (politely) told them to shove it where the sun don’t shine, and they’re not going to pick the car up today – but I might be driving round a car which is uninsured.


The hire car itself is nice though – it’s a 2007 VW Passat. It’s got a pretty good engine on it so is more nippy than my Saab. And because it’s diesel, you get a fairly decent MPG (although I must say the petrol guage has been a bit more mobile than I thought it would be). It also feels lighter – I think the Saab is built a bit like a tank!

So in general I like it. Still would like to get my car back though, the VW is nice but it’s just nice to be in your own car. Hopefully not too long now (I’ve been saying this for ages, but I really don’t think it will be now…)

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