Hire Cars, Part II

I mentioned before that the hire car company rang me up on Thursday, asking for the hire car back. It turns out that the hire car (arranged through my insurance) was cancelled – but I was still able to pick it up for some bizarre reason! (They didn’t tell me or, apparently, the hire car company). The reason was, the other insurers had offered to provide a hire car. Fair enough. Anyway, after spending some time on the phone on Friday, the other insurance company (i.e. the insurers of the person who reversed into my car) provided me a new hire car.

I am now driving a Peugeot 308 Estate. I must say, it’s probably not the car I would have chosen. In fact, it would have been a fair way down the list. But it’s a decent enough car – gets me from A to B, and that’s all I care about for a hire car, especially given that my car should be fixed soon.

Anyway, I hope that my insurance company have collected the hire car today – I was hoping they’d pick it up on Friday or Saturday, but no dice! If they don’t, I won’t have room for it – I’ll just have to leave it on a single yellow line and they can pick up the tab for any parking fines it gets while there…


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