New iPod

I mentioned a while back that I was on the lookout for a new iPod. I was specifically thinking about an iPod Touch, but on reflection I don’t think I would use it much. What I wanted instead was an iPod with plenty of space to store all my music, and maybe even some space to use as a backup for my computer.

So what I went for instead was a 120GB iPod Classic. It arrived yesterday, so I spent a while yesterday evening setting it all up. I like what Apple have done with the iPod UI! They’ve added a few things like Cover Flow, and have generally added in some more eye-candy. Seems to be a real improvement on the old version.

I gave it a quick test last night – I bought some new earphones to go with it (Sennheiser, nice ones) and it sounded good. I’ve also bought a car adapter, so this should hopefully put an end to me taking CDs every day.

So in general, I’m happy! All that remains for me to do now is to sell on my old broken iPod. I’m sure there will be someone on eBay who wants to buy and repair it!

2 thoughts on “New iPod

  1. Coolio 😉

    Just out of interest how are you syncing your music across? Knowing you use a Linux system… 😉

  2. There’s loads of software on Linux these days. I’m using some software called GtkPod, but most music apps on Linux can sync with the iPod to some degree.

    I even think you can run iTunes under Linux using a Windows emulator, although I haven’t tried it!

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