Drinking in a graveyard, and other fun stories1 min read

Well, this weekend was a good one 🙂 All too short, but there you go. As it was half term last week, there was no 21 on Friday night. I used the time to do a bit more work on the talk I’m doing on 5th July, I actually managed to finish the first draft which I’m quite pleased about! Still plenty of work to be done though.

On Saturday morning we did a bit of shopping, and then in the afternoon we went to Colchester Beer Festival. It was a really good afternoon. We saw Tom, Alex, Dan, Alison and a few other people. Because it was such a lovely day we all sat out in the graveyard (Colchester Arts Centre is an old church), which was somehow appropriate. There was a really good atmosphere the whole time.

We left at around 6PM to head over to Wivenhoe for Anne-Marie’s birthday party. We had a really good evening just chatting with people – all the usual suspects were there!

Late on Saturday evening, Phil’s sister (Roz) came round to ours after a wedding in Cambridge. She stayed over and then came to church with us on Sunday morning. It was really nice to see her as we don’t often get the opportunity! We had lunch together in the garden as it was such a beautiful day. Afterwards we headed out to Sunday@6, followed by a mini-party for Suzi and Matt who are getting married in August.

So, it was quite a packed but nice weekend!

Anyway. In general blog news, I realise that I’ve not actually blogged anything other than my usual “the weekend” style posts recently. I’m sorry, and I shall endeavour to do better. But probably fail 😉

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