Not one, but two…

… weddings!

That’s right. On Saturday we headed over to Peterhouse College, Cambridge for the wedding of Mark and Phillippa (Mark is a former member of Fordham and our home group). The wedding was in the chapel at the college, and was led by Andy Saville. It was a lovely service – the details had obviously been very carefully thought through, and it showed. Afterwards we wandered through into the garden for drinks, and then had dinner in one of the rooms. So it was a lovely time in general!

Afterwards we headed over to Freckenham Village Hall for what remained of the reception of Matt and Suzi’s wedding. Matt and Suzi are also former members of Fordham and our home group (strangely enough), they just happened to be getting married on the same day! We couldn’t go to two, but we did manage to get to a couple of hours of the reception and have a good chat with Matt and Suzi, as well as Chris and Eleanor.

So it was a busy but very pleasant day!

On Sunday we were much less busy – we had the usual morning service and Sunday@6, but not too much else apart from that.

So that’s pretty much it for the time being. Other than, some new books have arrived which I’m looking forward to reading – “The Great Divorce” and “The Four Loves” by C.S. Lewis, which have come highly recommended, and a book called “Naturalism” by Stewart Goetz and Charles Taliaferro. All look fascinating, so I will enjoy reading them and will review here when I’m done.

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