Road to Nowhere1 min read

The photo today is of an unfinished road. There are a few of these on the business park I work on. I just think there’s something strangely poignant about them, I don’t really know why! But this, coupled with the grey sky, represents pretty well the way I’ve felt in my life at times before… well, even recently.

Still, I guess photography is about capturing the good things as well as the bad things, so I hope that’s not too depressing! It’s also quite difficult to capture decent outdoor shots with the light like it is today – i.e. grey and drab. Quite how I’ll manage during the winter when we have lots of days like that I don’t know. Still, nature in winter has quite a stark beauty to it so perhaps that will be the case.

I also want to try and capture some night shots – maybe I should invest in a tripod!

Oh, and I just wanted to say, I’ve been doing this now for two weeks! Only another 50 more weeks to go…

2 thoughts on “Road to Nowhere1 min read

  1. I like ths one – though its a shame about the side road in the way would be nice for it to be straight road, straight into the nature showing who eventually wins…

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