Day 132: Router

Day 132: Router

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This is a picture of my Netgear Wireless ADSL router in the dark. I think it looks quite space-age with the lights and reflections.

I very nearly didn’t take a photo today because I was out with family all day, but I’m quite glad I did as (a) I didn’t want to break the Project 365 cycle, (b) I think this turned out OK. Not my best photo, but not bad!


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  1. You can’t skip a day that’s against the project rules! 😉

    In all seriousness some of the shots you setup quickly can be the better shots due to the lack of planning – for example this one does look cool but would you have got the same effect with planning it out? Keep going only another 233 days to go! (thank God it’s not a leap year!)

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