I’m getting paranoid

Well, I didn’t think it would happen, but – I’m getting paranoid about spyware, adware, trojans, general malware. I keep wondering whether I’ve inadvertantly turned my computer into some spambot, or something…

Admittedly, it is quite unlikely. I’m behind a router, I keep my machine up-to-date, I use a firewall, and – most importantly – I have quite a good idea about the risks, I have an idea of what I’m doing security-wise.

And yet, there is so much malware around these days, I still wonder whether some of it might have got through… not necessarily a virus, but how can I be sure my machine isn’t sending out spam messages?

I think soon I’m going to make the move over to a Linux desktop. I already run it on my server machine. Windows is just too much hassle! What they gain with ease-of-use they lose with security.

I don’t really think I’m infected, but still… the best way to be sure? FORMAT C: ….


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