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Another week, another weekend. That’s how this time business works.

Well, enough philosophising. I’ve already updated you with the results of the BAP, so no need to go into that too much! On Friday night we led at 21. AJ was away this week, so we had to lead ourselves. Fortunately we had some help from a couple of people who were making mother’s day posies and cards, so we didn’t actually have to do much in the end! I think everyone enjoyed it and had a good time.

On Saturday Phil went off to Higham to do a Moore Course exam. I decided not to do the exam this year – the first time she’s done a Moore Course exam but I haven’t! I just didn’t have the time to revise, at all. And revising really is what makes it useful. It was definitely a blessing not to have to do the exam though – it’s been quite a stressful few days and I think it would have been worse if I’d had to do the exam as well. As it turned out, it wasn’t the kind of exam where you could just wing it anyway – it needed proper revision.

So, while Phil was doing the exam I did a bit of food shopping and sorting out, then joined the others at the Sun Inn, Dedham, for lunch. I had a very nice risotto and generally we had a good old chat for a while!

After that it was time to mow the lawn (second time this year!) and then Anne-Marie came round for the evening. We had pizza, watched some of the IT Crowd and People Like Us, and just chatted for the evening.

Then on Sunday we went to church in the morning, twice, then came back for lunch, then headed out to Sunday@6. Afterwards we came back home and watched “Burke & Hare”, which was very funny: I did laugh out loud in a few places, but in general it was quite a light-hearted take on what is essentially people murdering other people for money. And the cast was amazing!

So there you have it, that was our weekend. Tonight I’m heading out to see the DDO, and I think we’re going to go through the report they sent back of the BAP. That should be interesting, to see what the wrote about me! Apparently it’s a good report so I’m not too scared. I will report back when I know.

That’s pretty much all for now.

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