What a Relief…2 min read

Well, the Moore Course is all over for another year few months (they usually run from October / November until March / April). I have to say I’m glad to see the back of it this year – not that I haven’t enjoyed the course, but working all day and then coming back home to do revision is actually quite wearing! We’ve got all our evenings pretty much free this weekend, which is the first time in absolutely ages that’s happened.

Anyway, the exam itself wasn’t too bad. I hesitate to say it went “well”, but really I just mean that in comparison with my expectations it could have been a heck of a lot worse! My marks have been going down steadily over the past few years though so I expect that will probably happen again. I will be annoyed if I failed though. I think that’s unlikely, but then you can never really tell.

Aaaaanyway, after the exam we went to lunch with the others who had done the exam. We had a nice lunch at the Sun Inn at Dedham (where we usually go). I had a lovely Ploughman’s, which had a variety of excellent cheeses. After that we went home briefly, and then we were out again for the “JOY” event. that was a youth event for churches in Colchester, which actually seemed to go pretty well. There must have been around 80 or so young people there – enough to make it busy and worthwhile, but not so many that it was too packed. I think they all enjoyed it as well, there was a great atmosphere!

So that was Saturday. Then on Sunday we went to church in the morning, with Jo and Evie, then came back for lunch (and I mowed the lawn for the first time this year – couldn’t believe how long the grass was!). Afterwards we went out to Fordham for a Bach Motet (Jesu Meine Freude — ‘Jesus, My Joy’) which was beautiful.

Apparently it was composed by Bach for the wife of a civil cervant (a postmaster general or something like that) who had died. It seems a bit wrong somehow that Diana, when she died in 1997, got a recycled pop song. This woman, although I don’t think she was ‘important’, got one of Bach’s most famous and beautiful pieces.

After the Bach it was Sunday@6, and afterwards we went round to Jo’s for some Wii action. So there you have it, that was our weekend!

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