Royal Wedding, Osama Bin Laden, and chips2 min read

Well, what a weekend it was! Four glorious days off… fantastic 🙂 Friday was, of course, the day of the Royal Wedding. I didn’t know whether to watch it or not, in the end I decided to and enjoyed it. My favourite bits of the service were the Bible reading (Romans 12 – very unusual for a wedding but great choice) and the hymns (‘Love Divine’ being one of my favourites). I wasn’t sure about the Bishop of London’s sermon – it wasn’t that I didn’t agree with it, it was just that (1) I think he could have brought in the passage that they chose a bit more; (2) he could have made it a bit more… entertaining! Like Rowan Atkinson’s character in “Keeping Mum”, he could have learned the value of inserting a joke or two.

Anyway. We watched the wedding, and then … can’t remember what we did actually. It was THAT LONG ago! 😉 *ahem* It involved wandering up to Hilly Fields anyway, I know this from my Project 365.

On Saturday we went out to MSS to pick up a new mower as the old one broke down a couple of weeks ago. We also did a few household chores, you know, the usual. In the evening Anne-Marie and Sarah came round to watch Doctor Who. It was really nice to all be together again for DW, it was a great episode this week! I think we all really enjoyed it. Some of the one-liners were fantastic! So many unanswered questions though, I hope they’re going to be answered satisfactorily in the rest of the series…

On Sunday we went to church in the morning, then Phil was giving blood at the Wilson Marriage centre so I popped in to see Anne-Marie and Sarah for a bit. Phil joined us after a while, and we chatted there for an hour or so before heading back home. Then in the evening Sarah came round and we all headed out to church for an evening with someone who’s just returned from Afghanistan (he’s in the army) – he was talking about what it’s like there, and what it’s like to be a Christian there. Very interesting.

Then, on the Monday we spent most of the day in and around the garden, tidying up and so on. It was a good day actually, it needed to be done but it was worth it! In the afternoon we headed over to Wivenhoe, went for a walk along the river and then had fish & chips by the quayside (outside the Rose & Crown). It was a beautiful day although there weren’t that many people around – I think probably because it was a bit windy.

Afterwards we came back home and watched ‘Anatomy of a Murder’, a James Stewart film which is a classic. I’d seen it once before but forgotten most of the details. It’s definitely worth watching anyway!

Right, think that’s pretty much all the bank holiday stuff up to date. Only one more bank holiday in May to go now, doh 🙁 Still, as of tomorrow I will only have four more months before starting at college. And I’ve handed my notice in at work! But that’s enough of that for now anyway.

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