Sheri’s Wedding

Just realised I forgot to update with what happened at the weekend! Doh! Well, a quick update: on Friday night, we had the last 21 of this term. In a way it was quite sad to say goodbye to some of the kids (they’re going up to the next youth group which we’re not involved in) but it was nice to know we’re now free on Friday evenings for the summer!

On Saturday afternoon we headed over to Ipswich for Sheri and Pete’s wedding. It was a lovely day – although the weather was a bit variable it didn’t rain, and everyone seemed really happy. And it was really good to see some of the old uni people again – particularly Chris and Louise and Phil and Esther, who we hadn’t seen in ages.

On Sunday we went to church in the morning, and then didn’t do much in the afternoon, and then went to Sunday@6, and then went to Wivenhoe to have fish & chips with Alex and Elisa. The first time we’d been to Pop’s fish & chip shop in a long time! Unfortunately he wasn’t there, but the food was great. Then we went to the Greyhound for a bit to have a drink and play some darts. So, there you have it! All in all, a pretty good weekend.


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