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  • Sacred DnB Podcast #16: “Runaway”

    Sacred DnB Podcast #16: “Runaway”

    After saying last time that I’d decided to do an occasional (not monthly) podcast… a month later, here’s another. It’s more of a mixed bag than the previous one, starts out with a mix of some more dark/minimal dnb, interspersed with some vocal tunes, then finishes with neuro. Embedding doesn’t seem to be working too…

  • Sacred DnB Podcast #15: “Lift Me Up”

    Sacred DnB Podcast #15: “Lift Me Up”

    I’ve decided to make my DJ / DnB Podcast an occasional podcast, rather than a regular monthly one. It’s just too much work to do it every week! I appreciate that the crossover of people who like DnB and the people who like the other stuff I do is probably quite small. But it’s too…

  • Sacred DnB Podcast #14: “We wanna be free”

    Sacred DnB Podcast #14: “We wanna be free”

    I have uploaded a new episode of the Sacred DnB Podcast. This will probably not interest about 99% of you, but for the one or two it does… (I’m posting this here because the podcast website has lapsed; I can’t maintain another site at the moment!)

  • Introducing… Sacred Podcast

    I used to have a section on this site about “DJ Stuff”. This is because, in years gone by, I used to do a bit of DJing. With, you know, vinyl and everything. Anyway, I hung up my headphones a while ago and hadn’t done anything for years, but last year on a whim I…

  • DJ Mix Archive

    Some of you may know, I used to (and still do) do a bit of DJing. I used to have a bunch of mixes uploaded when I had my own webspace, however since I switched to using WordPress hosted I’ve not had a central place to host them (I did try SoundCloud, but that has…