Sacred DnB Podcast #15: “Lift Me Up”

I’ve decided to make my DJ / DnB Podcast an occasional podcast, rather than a regular monthly one. It’s just too much work to do it every week! I appreciate that the crossover of people who like DnB and the people who like the other stuff I do is probably quite small. But it’s too much work to maintain a separate website and everything… I’ve mothballed the old website.

However, you should shortly be able to re-subscribe to the podcast in Apple or Google podcasts – if not, all the episodes are available here (and you can download them).


2 responses to “Sacred DnB Podcast #15: “Lift Me Up””

  1. 🤣🤣💪💪. Excellent!

    I was an old raver back in tha day. 88/89 Old house, Balearics, Ibiza, Rimini. Not really a dnb fan- a bit nose bleed for me😎.

    My son is decent- he produces, self taught homeschooling. My daughter has a decent voice, although she’s only 11 so not allowed to show her face on YT 😷.Who is doing the vocals on the sacred playlist? Are there Christian dnb artists you work with?



    Would like them to work with Christian artists.

    1. Hi B, glad to meet a fellow raver – sounds like you were into it in the early days – I was a bit young in those days but I got into things in the late 90s with trance, and then gradually made my way through the various genres til I ended up with dnb. 🤣

      I don’t know of many Christians in the dnb scene sadly. There’s BCee – here’s an interview with him from a few years ago:

      He runs Spearhead records, so he might be good if your son has any productions in that style he wants to demo.

      Also there’s a group called Bass Disciples – I haven’t had a chance to really make contact as yet but they’re Christians who are into this kind of music –

      I like the tracks you posted – are they your sons? Do pass on my compliments!

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