Game Dev Tycoon

The past few days, I’ve been busy playing Game Dev Tycoon, which was mainly because of this excellent stunt they pulled to do with piracy (read the post, it’s worth it). Anyway, I’ve been pleasantly surprised: I haven’t bought a game in ages, so I thought it was high time Continue Reading

The Trinity: What’s the Point?

The theologian Robert Letham once wrote: For the vast majority of Christians, including most ministers and theological students, the Trinity is still a mathematical conundrum, full of imposing philosophical jargon, relegated to an obscure alcove remote from daily life. (Source) I wonder if that’s something you can identify with? Is Continue Reading

2012: The Year in Review

It’s that time again: time for another one of my much-loved reviews of the year. Well, I’ve only really done one review of the year before, for 2011, but still – who’s counting, eh? Once again, this isn’t really a review of things which have come out this year, so Continue Reading

Atheist Delusions: The Review

Recently I mentioned that I was reading through “Atheist Delusions” by David Bentley Hart, and I said I would write up a review of it when I’d finished reading it. Well, I’ve finished reading it now, and really enjoyed it. Quite a lot of the book deals with the same Continue Reading