Keane and the end of term

Keane PerformingIt’s been a busy couple of weeks for us: last week (24th November) we went to see Mark Watson at the St Albans Arena. This weekend (30th Nov), we went to see Keane at the O2. Mark Watson was very funny – it was our third time seeing him live (well, fourth if you count the book launch a few weeks ago). Unfortunately the tour is now over so you can’t go and see him, but if you’re looking for a decent comedy gig next time we can recommend him 🙂

We went to see Keane once before at the O2, so we knew roughly what to expect. They didn’t disappoint: it was a brilliant evening. They currently have a list of the songs they played on their website (as an image) – but to summarise, they started out with “You are Young” (not what I was expecting) from the new album, but that worked really well.

A few highlights of the night for me were The Hamburg Song (love the song, they didn’t play it last time); Can’t Stop Now – acoustic; A Bad Dream; Is It Any Wonder?; This is the Last Time; and my personal favourite from the new album: Sea Fog (which they only played in the encore).

I was actually quite surprised by how few songs they played from the new album – I would have liked to hear them play ‘Day Will Come’, which is probably my favourite of the more upbeat songs on Strangeland. They played a lot from the first two albums (only one song from Perfect Symmetry I think). Anyway, it was great to hear it all live, it was a great show and we’ll definitely try to catch them live on their next tour!


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  1. […] Strangeland is a fantastic album, it stands up well to repeat listening. I couldn’t pick a favourite song on it; they’re all brilliant. We loved going to see Keane live in November. […]

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